Of protection and treasures

Riddle location 11

Die Utersumer Burg

From the dike you have a fantastic view of the neighboring islands of Amrum and Sylt .

Around 1800 a treasure was discovered under a wooden post in Utersum Castle. Today the "Borreg" (castle) has completely disappeared.

Two other castles in Northdorf (Amrum) and Hörnum (Sylt) secured the flanks of a protective harbor that stretched between the islands.

To the riddle

To solve the puzzle you have to go to the place of the car in the picture.

A sign is attached to a pole. There is another three-digit number under the digits 2 and 1.

Now add the three numbers and add 163 .

The result is hidden on one of your 32 playing cards.

Of protection and treasures

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