The quay dike

Riddle location 10

A little boat...

...and a stone Steele stands on the dyke crest at the end of the quay dyke.

This steele is a memorial stone for the dead who were buried at sea in the area where the legendary RUNGHOLT once lay.

You will also find there the name of Dethlef Dethlefsen, one of the protagonists from the fantasy novel.

Pause for a moment on the bench of the small boat while listening to the mini radio play " The Jacob's Children and the Secret of Rungholt ".


Each letter in our puzzle alphabet has a syllable associated with it. In order to find out the solution word, you have to find out 4 letters whose syllables then tell you the solution word.

The bench you're sitting on has an inscription on it. It will help you find out the answer.

Have fun !

What is the solution word
What is the solution word

Farewell to the sea

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