Survivalists in the salty mudflats

Riddle location 4

A salty splendor of flowers...

...wait for you next.

Enjoy a hot drink in the small coffee roastery beforehand or enjoy the view at the Rantum marina.

Sea kale, sea mustard, sea holly and glasswort are just some of the plants that defy these extreme living conditions. Over the centuries, the plants have successfully adapted to the high salt content, sandy soil, tides and strong wind.

By bike or in bad weather, don't use the wet path by the water, but walk along the dike to the Dikwai.

To the riddle

On the way to St. Peter's Church, listen to the mini radio play " The Jacob's Children and the Cry of the Cock "

The clanging of swords can be heard in the background. Even the kings of the "Danish" wore these weapons. Now look at the kings of your playing cards. Only one king does not carry a sword. Which symbol is in the middle of this playing card.

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